No Filter. Just Art.®

We do not filter the art we just
showcase it for what it is. 

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What We Do

The De-Mi Arts Services

Web Design

Here at De-Mi Arts we clear our minds and focus on each individual client's needs when it comes to their website. We have to ensure that our clients are happy and by giving them our full attention we are able to do so.

Graphic Design

From professional organizations to fraternities/sororities to artists and more we design eye catching graphics that you and your audience will appreciate.

Original Artwork

De-Mi Arts paints original, acrylic artwork that is sure to be a great addition to your home or a gift to wow your loved ones.

Artist Showcasing

Artists are the driving force of De-Mi Arts. We showcase artists on our website and social media to expose raw art to everyone. We help artists grow artistically. We are a family of artists! Checkout our artists we support in 'The Gallery'.


We are in an ever changing technological world and sometimes you just need help with the different gadgets. We offer many services from setup, troubleshooting and diagnostics of your different gadgets.

What People Say About Us

"De-Mi Arts is a great company to get posters made. I've gotten one done by this company and people wanted to know where I got it done and I tell them with pride, De-Mi Arts made it for me!"

Felton R. Payne, II

“Great team of designers that will only get better as time progresses! Friendly, fun, dedicated team members who make the work shine in every project!"

Artavius Veasey
CEO at Artistic Vision Productions

“The turnaround of the website project was unbelievably fast considering the originality and modernized development of the site. De-Mi Arts is definitely headed to their goal with the quality of work they display."

Kimberly Kenny
CEO at Kween Chic Virgin Hair