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De-Mi Arts is a fun, spunky, artistic company eager to expose the arts and develop web design. From designing the perfect website for a client, to vibrant paints on a canvas, to a keen eye through a camera lens, to precision stepping in dance, and many other mesmerizing art forms, De-Mi Arts will be the go to place in local communities for showcasing raw art.


We will not filter the art to gain advances in specific focus groups but we will just show it for what it is to gain advances with people in general. De-Mi Arts will guide artists in creating their brand and mastering their skills with as many resources available to each individual. We will be a family of artists there to help each grow and prosper artistically, spiritually and intellectually.


We are De-Mi Arts: No Filter. Just Art.™

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"Art is beyond a talent/gift; art is a stress reliever that millions of people do not realize they enjoy. Music, dance, movies and so much more! Art is all around us! Be Free. Be Happy. Be Art."


-Team De-Mi Arts

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